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xDash Python Management

This allows to build and share xDash dashboards with Python code execution in xDash servers. This is made possible thanks to Python management features of xDash.

Python management features

Docker image creation

Click New to display the Docker image creation wizard.

New Python image

Image name parameter is required. Select the Base image to use. If packages or requirements need to be installed in the image, the user can load from the local disk:

Click Create to leave the wizard, then click Build to start building the image on the server.

Build Python image

The build process is launched on the server site.

Click Output to view the server's Docker image build log.

Build Python image output

If build is completed succesfully, the bottom of the log screen indicates that the image was successfully built and tagged:

Build Python image log

The image status then changes from Building to Ready. The size of the image is displayed.

Build Python image ready

Security restrictions

For security reasons, Python code runs on Docker containers that do not have disk or network rigths.

Usage in Python dataNodes

Python inline and Python script dataNodes allow the evaluation of a Python script in the selected Docker image. See their documentation in Python dataNodes documentation.

Example with a file

This toy example uses Python and is based on the well known MNIST database of handwritten digits. In this dashboard, we use a previously trained Convolutional Neural Network to predict the digit written on a selected image.